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Free Styling Sessions

We just added a new service along with our new(ish) website — free styling sessions!

It is understandable, you get in a wardrobe rut wearing the same pieces you love, but not feeling as great in them as you once did. It happens. You see the jumpsuits on instagram, but can you rock them? 

Stop wondering and start trying stuff on......things we'll curate for the look you desire.

Most often we don't see ourselves in the best light. Sometimes it takes a trained eye to help you discover your inner sexy. But when it is unleashed - everyone will take notice.

It may be time to vamp things up, if only for a night. Introduce fresh new energy into your life and wardrobe. We guarantee people will respond to you differently once you've been dolled up Canary style.

Come on down to 1448 Broadway and have some fun. We LOVE dressing up the most stylin' babes in town. Get your select signature look and 10% off your first session purchase of $150 or more.


Jayme and Co


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